Health Insurance

Health Insurance  


Employees value health care, but providing ACA-compliant health care coverage may have been difficult or expensive in the past. But no longer for you!


As a member of BIO Small Group Health Plans, you can enjoy an exclusive-members-only competitive advantage: offering your employees and their families complete major medical coverage that complies with all aspects of the Affordable Care Act.


Your employees get the advantage of working with a business that offers them a prized benefit: ACA-compliant coverage that may cost them less than they could find on their own.

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In most states you can offer either or both of the following care options:


  • A PPO plan enabling maximum flexibility for electing carriers and costs; or
  • A high-deductible health plan (HDHP) with Health Savings Account (HSA), which reduces monthly premiums


How The Plan Works



Answers about the program, including eligibility, options, customer service and more.
  • Who Is Eligible to Participate in These Plans?

    All attested member organizations may participate if they have the required number of eligible employees.

    Plans will be offered across the country, availability is based on your state, see map.

  • What Is Covered?

    Each plan’s benefits will vary. Generally, the plans will cover prescription drugs, hospitalization, mental health and substance abuse, preventive care and maternity. Please work with your Mercer sales agent if you have specific questions about coverages.
  • What Does Coverage Cost Me?

    You elect to pay a percentage of the plan costs.

Plans and carriers available vary by state, see map.

Mercer's Role & Compensation

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